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  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Don’t suffer any longer. Trust the expert team at Almater Hospital to treat
    your orthopedic condition.

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Our team of cosmetic surgeons can make your dream a reality!

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  • Fertility Services

    Is a child in your future?
    Almater Hospital offers a wide
    variety of fertility treatments.

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  • Bariatric Surgery

    Effective, permanent weight loss is attainable and affordable
    at Almater Hospital.

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  • Geriatric Services

    Our geriatric physicians are trained in meeting the varied healthcare
    needs of older adults.

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Patient Resources and Helpful Articles

Almater’s resources help patients understand and learn more about their health. This section includes recent health news and articles, doctor advice, and informational health videos. Click on a link below to learn more.

Male Breast Reduction

What is In Vitro Fertilization?

In vitro fertilization, also known as IVF, is a method of assisted fertility. It is a method recommended for use in cases where pregnancy has not occurred after at least one year of sexual intercourse without protection…
More about In Vitro Fertilization?


Male Breast Reduction

Treatment for Male Breast Reduction

For some men, having an excess amount of breast tissue can cause a loss of self-esteem and confidence. This situation is much more common than men believe, and it is not something to be embarrassed about…
More about Male Breast Reconstruction


Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction: Recovering Your Femininity

There are two main types of breast reconstruction surgery available, both involving the rebuilding of the breast to the approximate size and shape it had been before the mastectomy…
More about Breast Reconstruction


Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Medical Tourism Surges as Patients Seek Affordable Weight Loss Surgery Beyond U.S. Borders

Making the decision to pursue weight loss surgery is about far more than just appearance. Obesity can cause serious health issues, including hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol…
More about Weight Loss Surgery

Chin Implant

Chin Implants – What You Should Know

Having a chin implant is a relatively simple procedure, requiring the insertion of a small implant to increase the size…
More about Chin Implants

Mastopexy Breast Lift

Understanding Breast Lifts, With or Without Implants

Breast lifts are very popular procedures, and they are one of the most frequently requested procedures for women…
More about Breast Lifts

Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Why and When to Get Your Breast Implants Removed

The surgical staff at Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico specializes in breast surgery, including the removal of breast implants…
More about Breast Removal Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

Is Eyelid Surgery Safe?

The surgical staff at Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Baja California has had years of experience performing eyelid surgery and can answer…
More about Eyelid Surgery

Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico offers affordable prices for breast augmentation surgery with the same level of expertise and quality that you can get in the United States or Canada.

Is Breast Augmentation for You?

Many women today are going to Mexico to have their breasts enhanced with breast implants. One of the reasons is because breast augmentation surgery is typically not covered by insurance…
More about Breast Augmentation

Interventional Cardiology

Almater Hospital’s Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology is the branch of cardiology that specializes in the use of catheters in order to treat heart conditions. It developed as a separate branch of cardiology with the development of angioplasty…
More about Interventional Cardiology

Gallstones, Kidney, Gallbladder or Livers

Eliminating Stones from the Kidney, Gallbladder or Liver

At Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico, we have helped thousands of people resolve problems with their kidney, gallbladder or livers. For many people, relief begins with understanding how…
More about Eliminating Kidney Stones and Gallstones

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Keyhole Surgery for Treating Urinary Conditions

Keyhole surgery is specialized laparoscopic surgery technique that reduces stress, pain and recovery time. Leading hospitals around the world offer keyhole surgery techniques to remedy a number of urinary conditions…
More about Laparoscopic Keyhole Surgery

Understanding Facelifts

Understanding Facelifts

As prices for cosmetic surgery rise in the US, Canada and Western Europe, people who are seeking a more youthful look have started to look for more affordable options. However, while price is an important factor…
More about facelifts

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Mexicali

What is Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery?

Bypass surgery is a procedure that involves grafting arteries or veins from elsewhere in the body to the coronary arteries. Its purpose is to bypass or go around arteries that have narrowed or blockages…
More about coronary artery bypass surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexicali

Understanding Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee arthroplasty, or knee replacement, is a type of surgery performed to correct certain conditions such as advanced osteoarthritis or trauma, and should only be considered after conservative treatments have failed…
More about knee replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexicali

What Is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Arthroplasty, the medical term for what is commonly known as hip replacement, is a type of surgery. It involves the replacement of hip parts that are damaged, worn or are diseased with artificial parts, called a prosthesis…
More about hip replacement