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  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Don’t suffer any longer. Trust the expert team at Almater Hospital to treat
    your orthopedic condition.

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Our team of cosmetic surgeons can make your dream a reality!

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  • Fertility Services

    Is a child in your future?
    Almater Hospital offers a wide
    variety of fertility treatments.

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  • Bariatric Surgery

    Effective, permanent weight loss is attainable and affordable
    at Almater Hospital.

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  • Geriatric Services

    Our geriatric physicians are trained in meeting the varied healthcare
    needs of older adults.

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Billing & Insurance


insuranceAlmater Hospital accepts all common forms of payment, including cash, credit card, debit card, wire transfers, travelers checks and PayPal. Accepted credit cards include VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Almater Hospital does not accept personal checks.

An admission deposit, based on your estimated length of stay, will be required. Our Cashier Coordinator will discuss this deposit with you.

Your hospital bill will reflect all of the services you received during your stay at Almater Hospital. You may receive separate physician bills, as their services are billed independently. You may also receive bills from physicians who did not treat you directly, but provided professional services related to your diagnosis or interpreting your test results. These physicians include pathologists, radiologists and other specialists. Please feel free to speak with one of our helpful staff members at the cashier desk if you have any questions.


Almater Hospital participates in a variety of insurance plans, as well as offers its own Basic Medical Insurance. We accept most domestic and international insurance plans for direct payment, as long as your procedure is approved and a letter of guarantee is provided prior to your discharge.* In the absence of a guarantee letter from your insurance company, you will be required to provide an alternative form of deposit, such as a credit card voucher, while your insurance company is completing the necessary paperwork.

Complete insurance information must be submitted during your admission. You will be required to provide a copy of your insurance card/policy identification from your employer or insurance company. Please note, if your services exceed the amount that has been approved by your insurance company, additional services will be charged according to the current price list. It is recommended that all insured patients familiarize themselves with the terms of their insurance policy, as this will aid in your understanding of hospital services that are covered by your insurance plan and services that are your responsibility.

For procedures covered by your insurance company, please present the following upon your arrival to Almater Hospital:

  • Passport and a copy of your passport with signature
  • Current medical insurance card or certificate
  • Copy of your insurance policy
  • Any other paperwork required by your insurance company to identify yourself

Our International Patient Coordinators are here to assist with every aspect of your visit. We will work with your insurance company/assistance provider/claims agent regarding the approval of your procedure and guarantee of payment for your inpatient medical expenses (excluding personal expenses). In most cases, we are successful in obtaining guarantee of payment from our patients’ insurance providers. However, there are certain circumstances beyond our control, such as the level of coverage you hold, which may prevent authorization.

Typically, payment guarantee/confirmation for any covered procedures will be faxed to Almater Hospital from your insurance company within 24 hours. It is possible that a delay could occur due to the following:

  • Process of verification for each company
  • Lack of time to process application, due to brief length of stay
  • Differences in time zone, weekends or holidays
  • Pre-existing conditions or exclusions
  • Terms and conditions of policy
  • Outpatient or follow-up treatment
  • Insurance submitted after your discharge

If there is any delay in obtaining the necessary paperwork from your insurance company, please note that we are unable to process any insurance claims once you have been discharged. In this situation, you will be required to pay your hospital bill in full by cash or credit card and file for reimbursement directly with your insurance company.

Inpatient: You may incur additional medical expenses or room fees during your inpatient stay. It is your responsibility to pay all expenses, including personal expenses, which exceed the amount approved by your insurance company.

Outpatient: Advance payment is preferred for outpatient services. Almater Hospital will issue a medical report and invoice for you to process the reimbursement directly with your insurance company when you return to your home country.

Please feel free to contact one of our International Patient Coordinators if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage at (888) 581-1019 or via email at info@almater.com.

* We do not accept government benefits insurance, veteran or social security insurance. If you are uninsured, you will be responsible for payment of your entire hospital bill.